In terms of permanent employment from home, the Airbnb career has joined the wave. In essence, working for Airbnb will allow you to not just work from anywhere in your present country. but also from anywhere in the world beginning September 2022.

We are going to take a closer look at Airbnb’s most recent announcement in terms of its new flexible work design. We’ll look at all of the positions they’re hiring for right now. And if any of them are suitable for you to apply for, based on where you live and whether you can perform them remotely or online.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, issued an email to his whole employee community just a few days ago. More information on his plan and the decision made by the leadership team about Airbnb’s career and new flexible work model. The employee community has been given five principles in this message, and I believe the first three are the most important.

So let’s go over them one by one since I believe it’s critical to understand them before we can discuss the roles they’re looking to fill.

With a few exceptions, he stated that everyone working for Airbnb can work. They can work from home, the workplace, or a combination of both places. The offices will remain open, but the entire staff community is confident that they will be able to make their own decisions collectively. They should discuss which working environment is best for them with their manager and their teammates.

What is the best working environment? So, based on what we’ll talk about a little later, if you presently work for Airbnb or if you plan to seek a job with them. Your employment is one of the few that need you to be in the office or at a certain location. Then you may work from anywhere, including your house.

  • The Second Rule of Airbnb Career

You can work from any location in the country that is currently hiring. Not only that, but depending on where your wage baseline was created initially, you may be eligible for a raise. If you already work for Airbnb, this implies you will be able to continue doing so. However, regardless of where you’re recruited, you’ll be able to do it. That office is no longer relevant. You will have to travel to the country where you are based and where you have been hired, and you may receive a pay raise.

If you acquire a job with Airbnb career in the future. To you, this means that you will be hired in a country. You’ll be paid the country’s average wage and you’ll be able to work from anywhere you like, whether it’s in the countryside, the city, or wherever your heart desires.

  • The Third Rule of Airbnb career

Starting in September, you’ll be able to work for up to 90 days in any country on the planet from a list they’ll make available. As a result, they will continue to support their employees’ lifestyle choices. So, if you want to become a digital nomad and travel to different places while working for Airbnb, this is an excellent firm to work for since starting in September, you will be able to do so while still working for Airbnb.

  • Hiring Process

Let’s speak about the roles that Airbnb is now hiring for. So I’ll go ahead and walk you through every step. So what I’m going to ask you to do is go to careers dot Airbnb dot com, which will take you to a website that will tell you all you need to know about Airbnb’s working experience, principles, values, and offerings. They currently have openings in many places. And we’ll look into where those locations are.

First and foremost, we shall discuss full-time employee positions. Then we’ll discuss the freelancer and contractor options, and finally their university program. So let’s get start by clicking on all of the positions. When you go to all jobs, you’ll notice that the open roles are now divide into departments such as administrative Airbnb, capacity center, business operations, and analysis, community support, data science design, and employee experience. There are even four intern slots available.

So, you may begin by filtering based on the department in which you’re interested. You can also start by looking at the places. These positions are available. As a result, many vacant positions exist in the United States. And, as I previously stated, it makes no difference where they are open because you will be able to complete them from anywhere. In the United States (at least until September). India, China, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the Philippines, Mexico, Italy, Canada, France, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, and Japan are among the countries represent.

These are the four positions they currently have available for their university program. If you go to the top of the page and click on the university, you can discover a lot more about their university program, including how they recruit, what to expect if you’re a fresh graduate, and what their intended program comprises.

  • Application Process

Let us discuss the application process for an Airbnb career. It has a large number of locations around the United States. Because it is based in the United States, nothing is overly difficult. They do ask you to answer some particular questions about your employment condition in the United States. But aside from that, you simply fill in your details and attach your CV and cover letter.

Now, if you’re not seeking full-time employment with Airbnb and would rather start or continue a contract arrangement, click on the contract or freelance work. And they presently have four positions open in different locations, which is mainly because they don’t always care where you work.

Let’s see, all four of them appear to be open in San Francisco in this situation. Service care manager for image service care manager for Korea and Japan, one for Singapore, and then a marketplace listing photographer are the ones they have available. With this in mind, I believe Airbnb offers a wide range of opportunities. As you can see, there are administrative positions available, as well as positions in finance, legal, marketing, engineering, design, and writing. Whatever your experience, there should be something in here for you as long as you are based in one of the 62 locations.

Assume we have roughly 20 countries to go through since, as I previously indicated, it doesn’t matter where you are right now as long as you’re in one of those countries. The next thing I’d like to do is walk you through some employee feedback because, at the end of the day, you want to know if this is a good company to work for or not. As a result, you skip the application process. If this is not the type of setting in which you want to work.

  • Salary Structure

Finally, in terms of pay for an Airbnb career, depending on the type of job you have, you can expect to make around $50K in a year on average, though it can go as high as 68 or $90K depending on your level of seniority. If you have a lower-level job like a community manager or administrative assistant, you can expect to make around $50K in a year on average.

And obviously, the experience and expertise that you bring to the table in terms of their highest salary, their leadership team, and their VP of sales of product and engineering seem to be making over, $270K. Overall, the feedback appears to be positive; employees appear to enjoy working for Airbnb, although it is not the most diverse or gender-inclusive company. And there are numerous opportunities for them to improve their overall performance. It appears to be a fast-paced environment, yet it is an opportunity to progress. So be sure to check out what they have to offer.


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