I’m going to show some sites in this blog where you can sign up & start earning money online just by giving audio transcription services. Now, simply typing on these websites could earn you up to $950 per week. You’ll be working on transcription, which is just the act of listening to audio files and then converting them into text. As a result, you’ll be typing out precisely what you hear, and anyone can do it, even those who are total amateurs.

Someone who transcribes audio for a living is paid for just listening to the recordings and turning them into text. It can be an audio file that someone captured on their phone or a zoom call. It can be a meeting that was videotaped by someone else. All you have to do is listen, then type up what you hear. Just a few things you should be aware of before I discuss these various websites of audio transcription services. The doors may be open today but closed the following day.

What I mean is that they welcome applicants from all around the world, so they open the application process at specific times, and then they close it, once they have the precise amount of applicants they need. If the post isn’t open, you could try again the following week or check again the next month.

  • Happy Transcribe Audio Transcription Services (Click Here)

The first one is Happy Transcribe, where you may locate home-based jobs of audio transcription services at the top of the website. They state how much you can make, which is 90 cents in euros and an average of 450 euros, before paying you about 3000 euros every month. You may theoretically make $450, but there are other methods to increase your income.

You must read over some extremely specific instructions that they have. Read over them right before you take a transcribing test, and then after you’ve finished answering the questionnaire. They will then let you know if you are qualified to work as a transcriber or not.

Casting Words is the second website where you can register to work as a transcriptionist. The majority of nations have opportunities when casting words. They advertise their audio transcription services as being quick and simple with high-quality outcomes. If someone registers on this site and needs something transcribed, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “freelancers.” You arrive at this page, where a casting words workshop is currently taking place because you want to sign up as a freelancer right away. Then you’re going to register the breakdown freelancers, transcribe the revisions, and finish other little online tasks on your own time at this point.

You must take a transcribing test, and they will essentially explain everything to you here. Additionally, there is a sample transcript and a quick start guide that will give you a fundamental understanding of how the test operates. If you’d want to test yourself first before taking the test, you can do so by clicking the Start Transcribing Test button when you’re ready. Check out the commonly asked questions to learn more. Naturally, a lot of people are interested in knowing the precise amount you will be paid. Accordingly, they claim that you can earn between 8.5 and $1 per minute of audio.

Scribie is the next site. Starting at 10 cents per minute of audio, you can have your lectures, meetings, and other events transcription. Once more, this website is for folks who require audio transcription services. You can access the chance by scrolling to the bottom of the page, coming here where it reads “Freelancers,” clicking on that link, and then arriving at this page. Enter your information after clicking the “Get Started” button, just like you would on any other website. Apply, get tested, and start working after that. Each audio file is worth between $5 and $20.

They estimate that you might make up to around $800 per month depending on your level of productivity. You’ll then spend roughly eight hours every day on this one website. So, that is the maximum amount you might make. Simply click the “get started” button, go through the process again, and begin charging for transcribing services to start making money.

This website,, is one of the most well-known audio transcription services websites. In terms of the industry, it’s a pioneer. The human voice can therefore be interpreted in this rev. In essence, it appeals to its customers that require audio transcription services. Once more, simply scroll to the bottom until you locate the button that reads “Become a Freelancer.” Clicking on that will just take you through the application procedure for freelance employment, which allows you to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

The option captioner, which denotes that you’ll be earning a little bit more money, can be found while filling out the details. You can sign up for it as well, but it’s particularly beneficial for things like, say, your code in a language. Similar to how you may speak Portuguese, listen to Portuguese, and translate it into English. Then you add English captions to the video you were watching while you were listening. So that is how you will get compensated. If you scroll down a little lower, you will see how often you will be paid by PayPal. Find out the precise amount you will be paid for each minute of audio or video you transcribe (30 cents to 1.10).

Then, as a captioner, you would be paid 54 cents to roughly $1.10 each minute of audio or video transcription service. So, it is the maximum amount you might make from this. The fact that is one of the websites where they open and close their procedure is another issue I’d like to specifically emphasize. Check the website, and if it’s nearby, go there frequently.


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