I am sharing TikTok earnings and methods how much do you earn on TikTok and how to make money off TikTok? Companies are clamoring for a share of the nearly 1 billion users who view Tik Tok videos every single month. Some creators even make thousands of dollars per month from their TikTok accounts, if not hundreds of thousands. I will thus walk you through ten simple ways to earn money using TikTok.

Let’s speak about how to become financially independent and make money online. Whether it’s in your work or whether you want to launch your side venture. So let’s get started. There are methods for you to benefit from this trend even if you don’t have a TikTok account. It is generally simplest to go live if you already have a TikTok account.

1. Live & Create Fund

You must be at least 16 years old. Over a thousand people must follow you. Additionally, you can get virtual presents if you are 18 years old. And that is an incredible plus. Who does not enjoy gifts? and how much do you earn on TikTok, I make the presents. You are transformable into diamonds. And can start purchasing checked-off after you have 2000 diamonds, which is the equivalent of $10. You can also access the TikTok Creators Fund if you’re situated in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy and have 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views in the last 30 days. And can begin earning money from the Creator Fund if your channel complies with TikTok’s rules.

2. User Generator Fund

User-generated material, or UGC, is an additional fantastic method to earn money for your TikTok account. You have probably seen people publish YouTube videos. I had to buy it. In essence, a business will get in touch with you if they wish to promote their goods. You can advertise your services by setting up a profile on sites like Fiverr. You will be paid more to advertise a product on your channel based on the size of your channel. But in this case, you must pay close attention to your market and feature advertisements for goods that are pertinent to your audience.

3. How Much Do  You Earn On TikTok As Affiliate Marketing

Now, affiliate marketing is a fantastic approach for you to advance in this. And what it implies is that when you recommend particular products to your audience, you will be compensated with a small percentage of the amount that your audience pays for the product. You can complete this quickly. Simply visit ClickBank to obtain affiliate links for specific products that fit the profile of your audience and your following. Make sure you stay in that niche and you don’t start pushing random items because it will look salesy and it will look like you are trying to profit off of your audience and they won’t like that.

So it’s simple to obtain affiliate links using ClickBank. The other option is to work with specific businesses that will still provide you with an affiliate link automatically. Examples include Amazon Associates, Blinkist, Skillshare, and many other businesses. Additionally, you can still put together your media kit before making a pitch for your channel and yourself. Once you reach a particular level of growth with a company, you will require their consent to engage in affiliate marketing. Last but not least, you can access the TikTok creator marketplace if your channel satisfies the requirements.

And what that entails is a concentration of larger artists, where businesses can go and look for channels that appeal to the population they want to reach. They’ll get in touch with you with specific offers. And I’m aware of individuals who have received payments from illegitimate businesses. You must be over 18 and have produced at least three videos in the previous 28 days to be eligible to participate in the marketplace. You must have more than 100,000 followers and at least 100,000 video likes in the past 20 days for your posts to qualify.

Certainly, if that is the case and how much do you earn on TikTok? Go check out TikTok’s creator marketplace. Now, these are some of the ways that TikTok can help you generate even more money if you want to establish your own business, have a career as a freelancer, or are an entrepreneur.

4. Merchandise

You may start selling stuff, and I’m sure you’ve seen individuals on Tik Tok advertising their merch, whether it be sweatshirts and hoodies, water bottles, gowns, or a wide range of other items that they make with their branding. You can do that as well without a doubt. Consider how great it would be if you performed live and mentioned your merchandise as well. After that, you’ll be able to connect with your audience even more effectively, and they’ll be overjoyed to support you and buy your merchandise.

5. Shopify

So, if you’re wondering how you’re going to sell your merchandise, and how much do you earn on TikTok, here’s an idea. Of course, you can sell your merchandise online. But even better is if you utilize Shopify and launch a Shopify store because you can integrate that one directly into your TikTok profile and sell a variety of products in addition to your merchandise and make a lot of money. You’ve probably seen people on Tik Tok sharing their Shopify stories, and some of them are raking in millions of dollars a year from selling goods they source from AliExpress and other vendors, put in their Shopify stores, and then seamlessly integrate with their TikTok accounts. So this way, even one time, viewers can become lifelong customers.

6. Promote Audio

The sixth option is simply being paid to advertise other people’s audio recordings. Think about it and imagine how much do you earn on TikTok. There are many musicians out there, some of whom have extraordinary talent. They would do anything to increase the visibility and recognition of their music. Tick-tock is such an amazing tool for making unknown musicians instantly popular so you can get paid to promote specific audio songs. Returning to the before-mentioned platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancers is how you go about doing that.

Depending on the size of your channel, you can set up a profile and sell your services. You may receive more or less money. Of course, but you can easily go back and change that pricing as your channel expands. Ensure that you highlight some of your best videos, as well as the number of views, likes, and other KPIs, on your profile to entice people who are trying to market their tracks to choose you as one of the channels they want to work with. The next four tasks can all be completed without a TikTok account, allowing you to still benefit from the phenomenal growth that the platform is now experiencing.

7. How Much Do You Earn On TikTok As Video Editor

In number seven, we discuss working as a TikTok video editor. Additionally, if you are already skilled in video editing, specializing in TikTok is a fantastic possibility. People are posting a tonne of content. Every single day, they produce three, four, five, or even more TikTok, and they require assistance in editing those movies. And then the question comes to your mind how much do you earn on TikTok so believe me that I’m not claiming it’s simple, some people pay $15, $20, or even $50 for a single TikTok.

Due to the limited amount of time you have to hook someone, 15, 30, or 60 seconds, it’s probably harder than editing for YouTube. A very different type of editing is required than what you would do on YouTube. And I’m not here to instruct you on how to edit videos for TikTok. I’m not a fan of that. What I’m trying to explain is that you can set up a profile as a freelancer and approach users of TikTok, or you can receive direct requests on websites like Fiverr from users who already have channels or who want to start some. These users can commission you to edit their TikTok videos.

8. Research VA

Now, the eighth tip is fantastic, and it’s even better if you already use TikTok to view videos and enjoy the platform’s content. And it is developing into a virtual assistant for study. And what this entails is that you would be collaborating with one or more channels to keep them informed about what is trending because every channel needs to be aware of what is popular to capitalize on the craze and join the bandwagon.

Naturally, their content has the potential to spread online alongside other videos with the same aesthetic, dancing moves, or musical backdrop. Therefore, you may aid them in expanding their channel by providing them with examples and fresh films that are quickly becoming popular and going viral. For them to benefit as well. Therefore, if you enjoy reading and watching content, you may certainly work as a virtual assistant and help find TikTok accounts that are already active.

9. Growth Consultant

While option number eight is excellent, there is a fantastic opportunity to go even higher. This is to work as a growth consultant for TikTok. Expertise as a researcher and having a virtual assistant will be very helpful. However, as a growth consultant, you may assist both new and established channels in achieving their growth goals. For them to be able to expand their audience and reach more people so they can market their brand or their product to more and more people through the platform, you can offer them guidance on the types of videos to release, how many to release, how frequently, and other factors.

10. How Much Do You Earn On TikTok As Account Manager

Tenth on the list is becoming a TikTok account manager, which is a fantastic option for you to advance your freelance or site business career. And it expands on what we discussed in numbers eight and nine because, as a TikTok account manager, you would be in charge of running one or more TikTok channels as well as creating content for them.

And in essence, that means that using a business or an individual as an example, you might work with them to develop their community and authority on TikTok. Therefore, you would assist them with their growth plan as well as their editorial calendar. You would discuss how frequently, when, and what to post. And would then assist them in conducting the necessary research to determine what is popular and what is not, and assist in uploading the content, managing the channel in terms of responding to comments, and so on.

You may take over managing their Shopify account, for instance, if they have one. If you specialize in TikTok and can expand and provide all of the income-generating services, there are many opportunities for you to grow and naturally charge more. This leads to the position of an account manager will give you thousands of dollars monthly.


If you are a entrepreneur understand your target audience before creating TikTok ads, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your target audience. TikTok’s audience is primarily made up of younger generations. For ultimate guide regarding TikTok you may take the best roadmap to increase your revenue.  


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