If you already have created administrator username and want to know how to change WordPress username, go to the user section in the WordPress administrator dashboard. You will notice that the username for the administrator that you’re currently logged in as is grayed out and noted with a message that shows, “Usernames cannot be changed. To remove the one first you will have to create a new user.


  • Remember:

You should remember to back up your WordPress account in its entirety before you make any changes like deleting a user. This will give you insurance from losing any important information associated with that user logging into the WordPress administrator dashboard. If you are trying to delete an existing administrator user and you currently have only one administrator user, then you must create another one first. (how to change WordPress administrator username)

  • Start Process (How to Change WordPress Username)

In the user menu, click on Add New. Next, type in the new user name for the administrator user. Then type in the email address for the new administrator user. This is required. Add the first name, last name, and website. These are all optional. Select the site language as needed. Then click on Generate password or type in a new one. Make sure to record the password that you have added. Click on “send user notification” if you wish to email the user about the new username that you’re creating. Click on the drop-down menu for the user role and select Administrator. Press the Add New User button.


At this point, you can log in as the new administrator user in WordPress.  However, if you are trying to remove an existing admin user, then you have a few more steps to go. To remove an existing administrator user, you first need to log out of the WordPress administrator as that user. You can do this by clicking on the user name in the top right corner of the WordPress administrator dashboard and then clicking on the logout. Once you’ve logged out you will be sent to the WordPress login screen.


Log in as your new administrator user, then click on Users in the menu. A list of existing users will appear. Hover over the old admin username and then click on Delete.  Notice that this delete option is not appearing for the administrator name that you’re currently using.  


After you click on delete old user, if there are any posts or pages related to that administrator user then you will be given a screen that gives you a choice to delete all content by the user or attribute the content to another existing user. Once you have selected the option that you want you will be able click on the Confirm Deletion button. This completes the process how to change the administrator user for a WordPress account.


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