In this article, you will learn how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment in the comfort of your home. There are many ways to earn online with easy & difficult skills, with less education, and with higher qualifications. So the opportunities are in your hands, which platform you choose according to your ability & skill. Remember don’t waste your time on any survey type of website. The real way is to earn online by selling your services or any product. 

After Covid-19 so many people lost their jobs and the businessman also suffered in financial crisis. That’s why people around the world started working online to earn money. Due to this reason, the online working ratio has increased approximately up to 40% in Pakistan. Nowadays still so many people are searching the ways how to earn money in Pakistan with investment. They want to work full or part-time as a freelancer. Pakistan in the freelance industry is in 4th position out of the top 10 freelancing countries in 2022 and Pak freelancers earned $216.788 million in the year 2021-2022.   

Let’s start and be a part of the freelancing field. Keeping the given above, I am going to share your online earning methods with a list that will definitely up your lifestyle.

  1. Youtube
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Upwork
  5. Guru
  6. Peopleperhour
  7. Preply
  8. Become an Influencer
  9. Blogging

Start Freelancing

Now I am going to describe easy to skillful ways to earn money online without investment in Pakistan. You can also learn the methods that can be used for earning on each platform. 

  • YouTube 

I start with YouTube because it has 34.2 billion monthly visitors around the world and started working in 2005. This is a great & easy platform to start earning without spending a single rupee. You just have to create your channel, make videos and upload them. Remember you can’t upload other’s videos because it is against YouTube policy. Only publish your videos. You can make videos on your mobile so you don’t need any special camera etc. So when your channel will be monetized (Monetization requires 1000 Subscribers & 4000 hours watch time) your earnings will start. 


Types of Videos

There are many options in topics to record but I am telling you easy and trending ways.

  • Make a cooking channel because it is very effective for females and housewives. You can do it easily without showing your face. You will just have to buy a mobile stand for that.
  • The persons who don’t have any skills and higher education. I give them a tip. Go to a burger or shawarma shop outside near home and start making a video of preparing process with permission. People love to see such videos. This is an idea so you can target food making different points in your city.
  • If you have products, start selling them on YouTube by filming and then upload. This can be two ways of earning.   
  • Start a vlog, which means recording interesting and beautiful visuals around your area or in your city.
  • Moreover, many topics can be adapted according to your interest like tech, pranks, earning ways, news channels, short stories, teaching, knowledge sharing, etc.

To enhance channel viewers promote it on different platforms and social media etc.


  • Fiverr

Fiverr is the biggest marketplace started in 2010, where almost 66 million people visit every month. And thousands of freelancers sell their services online. Here you can create a seller account free of cost and set your profile according to your skill and make a gig. As a new user, you can create up to 7 gigs on your account.

Sell Your Services

If you don’t have any skills don’t worry I am going to guide such people as well. People with no skill can sell services of graphic design on Fiverr. These services like visiting cards, broachers, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram reels, menus, etc. can be sold easily with starting price of $5 per order.

Use the free account of Canva where everything is ready for you. It is very simple to use. You just have to drag, drop & write that’s it, and you are done.      

Persons who have other skills can give services like:

Content Writer


Logo Designer 

Writing & Translation 

Video Editing 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Email Marketing

Products Marketing

Video ads & Many More


Earnings withdrawal is the only option in Payoneer in Fiverr for Pakistanis. And as a seller, Fiverr deduct 20% of service charges on every order.  


  • Freelancer 

Freelancer is a famous platform founded in 2009, based in Sydney Australia. Here over 7.2 million monthly people visit across the globe. So many people post jobs here every minute. Therefore this is a great platform for skilled persons to generate online income in dollars without investment. To get an order you have to send a bid (Bidding is not free but the site gives you free 6 credit monthly) buyer can communicate with you through messages. So if he finds you are capable he gives a work order. 



Freelancer platforms also charge small service fees like others. And your earnings can be withdrawn via Skrill


  • Upwork

This is an American platform founded in 2013, known as high-quality freelancers. That’s why renowned companies and individuals prefer to hire people from here. Over 46.2 million visitors come to this site monthly. And approximately 12 million registered freelancers are ready to give their services. 

To get an order you have to send a bid & here bid is called connects. In the new account, you get 60 free connects for bidding, and when it finishes you get some more after one month. Connects can be purchased at the rate of $0.15 per connection. Upwork also charges a little fee on freelancer earnings. 

People can withdraw earnings through Payoneer.    



Guru was founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh, USA. It is also a platform where buyers and sellers work together worldwide. The potential of monthly visitors on this site is 1.2 million. Like other Guru also gives some free bids every month. So use this facility spend time and put in your effort & it will reward you. When you have done well for the buyer he would come back again. Building your trust in clients will develop long-term business relations. 


This platform’s fees are comparatively low compared to other freelancers’ sites. The nominal fee is up to %9 per order depending on your plan.

The payment withdrawal method in guru is Payoneer.


  • Peopleperhour

It’s a UK-based freelance website that started in 2007, with monthly visitors of 1.9 million across the globe. Peopleperhour has similar type of features as Fiverr but you may directly target the jobs via bidding that are already posted. There are all types of projects are being posted by employers. Order you get from buyer could be short or long term. 

The bidding pattern is the same as others so you can buy bids as well if you have enough money. Earning withdrawal way for Pakistan is Payoneer.   





Preply is the best online teaching platform that started in 2012, and more than 13.2 million people visit this site every month. There are around 140,000 tutors from 203 countries. This online site is for learning languages like English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, etc. If you want to teach Punjabi & Urdu language students are looking for such teachers.   

But students take online classes in whatever subject they want to learn. Moreover, you can teach students in groups as well. This is how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. Make an account, set up your profile & directly contact students.

Preply service charges vary. You can withdraw your earnings through Payoneer & Skrill.  


How to earn online in Pakistan without investment for Students

  • Become an Influencer   

This is the era of digital marketing and every businessman is using social media to promote their brand. So use your natural inner ability & skill, and highlight it in people’s eyes through Instagram Reels, Facebook & Tiktok.   

Your videos will promote your identification and when millions of people will follow you. Now this will be the time to cash it when many local and international brands contact you for sponsorship.


  • Blogger

Most people don’t know what blogging is and how to earn money online without investment through that. Blogging started between the nineties. People write blogs/articles on any topic to give the latest and most effective information on any topic through websites. Blog and article are the same but the difference between them is that the article has a conclusion at the end and the blog don’t. This field is increasing rapidly worldwide.

How to earn online in Pakistan through Blogging 

There are three ways that you can start your career using blog writing. I share with you these ways one is Blogger, Personal Website & Article writing for others. 

  • Blogger

Blogger is a free platform that provides Google and over 42.8 million people visit each month on this site. Make a free website here and choose your topic to start writing blogs. Your blogs should be SEO (Search Engine Optimizationoptimized. 

AdSense Approval  

When you reach up to 25 blogs & their words count around 800 to 1000 per blog. Then apply for Google AdSense approval. After approval of AdSense ads will start appearing on your website. Whenever someone would click on ads you will get dollars. 

  • Personal Website

You can make your website by purchasing a domain & shared hosting. It is being managed by downloading WordPress. The other process is the same. Write SEO-optimized content on your desired topic and publish it on your website. After publishing 25 articles, apply for AdSense & and after approval, your earnings will start through Google ads.

Difference Between Blogger & Personal Website

Both ways have the same earning methods. The only difference between them is blogger website is not your property. And as far as a personal website is concerned. It is solely your asset. Wherever you want you can sell it to anyone. 

There are 2 ways to sell your website. One is unpaid by using social media, like Facebook groups, etc. The other is paid, that is Flippa. Flippa is a famous buying and selling platform of websites & it has different charging plans.

  • Article Writing

The Best way how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment is article writing.  People who have skills or interest in article writing then start writing now. Because this is a very demanding and effective way of high earning. Persons who are a beginner or on an intermediate level, charging $0.01 to $0.05 per word approximately. And experts charge $0.05 up to $1.00 per word. I recommend beginners start with $0.10 per word.

There are so many platforms that are looking for writers from worldwide. But before you dive into this field make your profile by writing around 5 to 10 articles so that you can show your talent. The sites I am mentioning below are where you may apply, and more jobs you can search on Google.


  • Conclusion

Freelancing means you are your boss. So as I have described above in detail, now it’s up to you which way you adopt. I recommend if you are selling your services, use every platform so that your chances of earning may increase. This is how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment. I hope this article will be beneficial for your future. Remember Success would come automatically towards you provided that you should be consistent in your work.  

Please leave a comment if you have any opinion/suggestion and or need further assistance. 

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