I’ll explain to you how to make a text to speech voice and artificial intelligence voice for your content. Let’s imagine you want to turn a text you have into a speech. You want to produce an automatic voice for your text now rather than recording your voice or hiring someone to do it. Simply type your text, and the voice will automatically be generated for you. If you record your voice, your voice will be automatically added to whatever text you type. To create an AI voice for your text, follow these three steps.

  • Step One (how to make a text to speech voice)

Installing a program named Descript on your PC is the first step. Windows or a Mac can be used. This software will enable us to create artificial intelligence voices. Simply click the aforementioned link to go to the Descript website and join up there to install the software. Descript will be downloaded to your PC after signing up. Once it’s finished, you may now install this on your computer and now you will start knowing how to make a text to speech voice.

  • Step Two

Now that the AI voice for your text has been created, you may go on to step 2. Therefore, you must first sign in to our Descript account to generate an AI voice. So let’s sign in by clicking. Additionally, two options will appear in a new tab on your browser. You may now access this page in Descript software by clicking the open Descript button. You have the choice of choosing me or any other option here. Click continue now, and then select skip to get to the following page (how do you plan to use descript). Then you will get the next page. You have logged into your Descript account if you see this.

Select start new project to create an AI voice. You will also see a pop-up window, insert any name here and select “create project” to go to the next step. You can now create the voice in this location. Simply enter any words here to create an AI voice. Alternatively, you may copy your current text and then paste it here. once the desired text has been input. You will see a few options when you click the speaker to give this text a voice. You can now choose from a variety of AI voices if you go to stock voices.

Simply click the play button above to hear it play. And the AI voice is audible. Here, you can listen to every voice. Then choose the desired voice. Your chosen AI voice’s name will then appear above. The voice that corresponds to the text you typed here will thereafter be automatically generated. You only need to click this play icon right now to listen to the voice. There is one more neat/beneficial function you can use. To get the name of the chosen voice, click the name of the voice after viewing a few possibilities. These are various tones produced by the same voice.

  • Add Punctuations (how to make a text to speech voice)

By clicking the play icon, you can listen to how it sounds. You can choose the desired tone once you’ve located it. As you can hear if we press play once more, the voice’s tonality has changed and sounds better. Let’s add punctuation to the speech to make it sound more genuine. After a one-time pause, input where you want in the voice after a few sentences. Let’s now insert a full stop here to finish the line. to divide the texts into lines as well. You must add space to your text to separate each line after the full stop. You can hear it sound excellent now. The same applies to adding punctuation and how to make a text to speech voice.

  • Last Step

Let’s go on to the last stage, which is to save the voice you’ve created after you’ve generated it. Now all you have to do to save your created voice is click the share icon up top. And this pop-up window will appear. Select export at this point. And you’ll have a variety of choices. Selecting audio now will prompt you to export and save your file. The voice will also be preserved. Now click open to listen to the saved voice. To play it, let’s double-click. You can see that we were able to successfully create an AI voice for the text. You can now utilize this created voice wherever you’d like, even in your videos.

  • Generate Your Voice

So, rather than creating a random AI voice, you will now be able to create a voice for your text. What if you wanted your voice to be created automatically? Learn how to automatically create your unique voice for your content. We’ll take four actions to do that.

  • Step 1

You must “record your voice” as the first step. Go to the main page of descript, select overdub, and then click get started to begin recording your voice. Your name will also be displayed here. You can alternatively type the desired name and then click the confirm button. It will also advance you to the following page. You must record your voice for at least 10 minutes if you want the system to automatically generate it.

Click the link for the training script on your right to record your voice. Additionally, an example script will appear in a new browser tab. This allows you to record voiceovers. Descript advises you to record 30 minutes of your voice if you want to produce a voice that sounds really like yours. Simply click this record icon and the red icon when you’re ready to record your voice. The recording will now begin. once you’ve finished. You can click this red icon to halt the recording. Additionally, the text will be generated automatically based on what you say.

If you feel that what is written here doesn’t correspond to what you said. Simply choose the words you want to correct, and the appropriate alternative will appear. Once you’ve clicked “correct,” type the word you uttered correctly in your recording here. Additionally, the words will alter. The words and voice now sound natural. The full script can also be checked, and the words can be compared.

  • Step 2 (how to make a text to speech voice)

Let’s move on to the following stage, which is sending Descript your voice recording. You will get this window after clicking submit to submit the form. You must now record this information to use as your voice sample. It will be used to stop anyone from producing your voice inside of Descript without your permission. Additionally, it will be taken as your consent for Descript to use your voice in the automated voice it creates. Click this red icon to record your voice sample.

And speak the words here (I hereby verify that I (your name..) currently speaking that I would like descript to create an overdub version of my voice. I understand that this overdub can be used to create a speech that sounds like my voice). Click the red icon to stop recording after you’re done. And then click submit.

Your voice will be ready in a day, as you can see. Click on the open recording to start over if it wasn’t processed. You will find an email from Descript in your mailbox the next day if you check it. Let’s do it. You will receive a message similar to this if your voice is prepared. This indicates that you were successful in producing your automated voice.

  • Step 3

to automatically create your voice for your text. Let’s head to Descript to do that. Click new after that, then choose a project. You are free to enter any name here. Click “create project” now. Enter the text you want here, like I said above. once the text has been input. You only need to click speaker and then choose your name to record your voice for this text. Your voice will be produced by Descript automatically.

  • Last Step

Let’s go on to the last stage (how to make a text to speech voice), which is to preserve the voice you generated. As I mentioned earlier, click Share and choose Export to save your created voice. Click audio after which you should click export. Then click Save. As well as saving your produced voice. You can create your voice for whatever text you like in this way. Upgrade your plan if you wish to record more than 1000 words.


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