This is probably going to be the most valuable in-depth drop shipping blog. You’re going to learn step by step how to start drop shipping. Let’s start straight into what AliExpress & Shopify drop shipping is and clear up any misconceptions. People may have what is drop shipping AliExpress & Shopify. Drop shipping is a business in which you find a product on a Chinese website called AliExpress. There are other websites you can turn to but AliExpress is the biggest and most popular one.

For instance, a really old winning product for face washing and zit removal might be found, but only as an example, it costs $12.39 on AliExpress.



After locating your desired item, you would proceed to Shopify, a platform that enables you to build an online store and collect payments and orders. You build a Shopify website and charge more to sell this face vacuum there.

Let’s assume you ask for 34.99 for it. You would then promote your website on social media; we’ll get into more detail later. when a customer purchases this item from your website. They provided you with the 34.99 price as well as their shipping details. You take that and go to AliExpress, where you proceed to order this product and have it delivered to the address of your customer for $12.39. Your buyer immediately paid you 34.99. Therefore, after paying for the item, you still have a profit of $22.60 for acting as the intermediary.

how to start drop shipping


After discovering that the product is successful, you would start spending more on advertising.

To do this properly, you’ll need to know a few more things before you head out. There are four pillars to a successful drop shipping business so I’ll break this down into four sections.

  1. Your Product
  2. Your Website
  3. Your Advertisement
  4. Marketing
  • How to Start Drop Shipping Product

So let’s learn how to start drop shipping, with your goods serving as the initial pillar. The most crucial factor is whether there is no market for your goods and no one would ever be interested in purchasing them from an internet store. Drop shipment won’t go you very far. You often sell things on social media, therefore your product ought to be something that people need in their everyday lives. when people notice it, think it’s cool, and immediately purchase it. It also helps to start with goods that address some issues, like how a simple vacuum cleaner might be used to clean faces and get rid of blackheads.

Nobody had ever heard of drop shipping when people first started doing it. So it had a good factor to it people would see it on their Instagram feed.

Products that don’t directly address a problem can nonetheless be sold. if the item is innovative. These ceiling stress balls have a high level of curiosity or if it’s something people are passionate about.



For instance, the penguin board game is something that most people have never seen before and just seems kind of entertaining.



Because it’s so innovative and because people are passionate about their dogs, they might show some curiosity when they see it pop up. To let newborn babies sit down and play with their toys without falling over and hurting themselves, they are willing to spend money on their baby cushion chairs.



Parents typically care deeply about their children and don’t want them to hurt themselves. So while I’m not advocating that you sell any of these items at the moment, they have all been popular purchases in the past. If you’ve had no luck with drop shipping, it should help you understand what does.

  • Website

A website won’t dwell on this aspect of you for too long. You must design a store that doesn’t resemble a child of five. You alone can use it to build a lovely, straightforward, user-friendly website. Simply ensure that it appears to be a real internet store; nothing too fancy. It is also incredibly simple to purchase a domain using Shopify. Therefore, consider something clear and straightforward. You should typically use a dot-com domain because Internet users tend to trust them the most.

That is the design element of it, but you must also decide whether to create a niche or a general store that offers everything. stores that specialize in selling products for a certain market segment or stores that focus only on a single product. General stores don’t appeal to me. It’s challenging to sell car products and beauty products on the same website, therefore I think their conversion rate may be a little higher.

what I would most likely suggest to a newbie. because you can give them a brand-like vibe and have a good, cohesive look throughout the entire store. while having quick access to testing new specialized items. If you own a baby store, you could call it Munchkin Bloom or something else catchy yet appropriate for the market. Consequently, you won’t need to make a brand-new website for each product. Instead, simply add new items that you want to test to the store and expand the product pages. If you have a product that is going to sell well, you could brand it, build a one-product store around it, and receive high conversion rates.

  • How to Start Drop Shipping Advertisement

The most crucial step in how to start drop shipping is creating an advertisement. The first thing visitors see about your store is your advertisement. It can make or break them since it brings them to your store. You cannot simply screenshot an AliExpress goods and use it for your entire drop shipping business. Expect to make money by paying someone to put it on their Instagram profile.

So, how do you write effective ads? You need a video showing your goods first, though. when you initially begin and test a variety of items. It would be challenging to prepare an advertisement, hire performers, shoot footage, and edit every time the product was needed. The majority of novices who discover a new product will begin by searching the internet for a film of it, editing it together, and then beginning to test it after they notice that it is selling.

Once this is done, they may start hiring content producers to film themselves using their products or to buy them for themselves so they can film your advertisement with real people or actors. You should be very careful when hiring since the video you discover online and utilize for your advertisement may be protected by copyright. If you decide to go the route of searching the internet for footage, make sure that once you see that a product is selling well, you switch over to your ads. Not only will this make things way safer, but it will also make your store stand out. This is something that many beginners do, but I’m not supporting it.

  • Marketing

If you have the other three pillars down pat, this final step shouldn’t be too challenging. Pillar four is marketing. Nevertheless, it will require considerable training and expertise. You will now use social media to advertise your product. There are many different ways to accomplish that, so let’s go through some fundamental as well as fresh and creative approaches. Instagram pages are first on the list. On Instagram, you can hire either real influencers or theme pages to promote your product or advertisement. If you have a beauty product, you can pay to have your advertisement posted on a page with a beauty theme. There are many fitness pages and infant products there if you have a fitness item.

Making sure you use pages with excellent engagement is key in this situation. And by that, I mean that figuratively, none of their adherents are still alive. I visited Facebook advertisements, which is where you kind of want to end up since that’s where the big money in the big leagues is made. Scaling is possible, but it’s a little more difficult than simply paying for an Instagram page. There are other restrictions on the kinds of goods you can sell through Facebook ads as well. They are quite picky about what you can even sell and how your ad wording is approve. I don’t want to stop anyone from using Facebook ads right away.

But again that’s something you have to decide for yourself. So those are the two main ones I’ve mainly used however there are also Google ads Snapchat ads Pinterest and now even TikTok. I’ve seen people post videos of them using their product on TikTok and just have that ad. It doesn’t look like an ad but it is going completely viral organically getting them millions of free views on TikTok.


  • Conclusion

Now you can take in conclusion those are the main four pillars summarized hopefully this gives you a good idea of how to start drop shipping. You’re probably going to want to do more research into all these little things separately. This is kind of just the overview but there’s plenty of knowledge online regarding specific topics.


Please leave a comment if you have any opinion/suggestion and or need further assistance. 


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