In this blog, I’m going to describe how to take a screenshot of  computer screen or laptop by using windows. I will tell you two different methods to take a screenshot. One uses an app that comes with windows and the second technique is using your keyboard.


  • Snipping Tool

So let’s start with the app first that comes with windows the probably the easiest way. Go to the search bar and then type in the snipping tool that’s the name of the app. You can also find this tool, press the start button and scroll to the very bottom. And you will see there is a section called windows accessories, click it and you will find a snipping tool here.

snipping tool

What’s interesting is this, you find all the other things that also come with windows like a fancy note-taking program called notepad very basic. You also have a more advanced version called word pad. And then here we also see the snipping tool. If you want easier access in the future. You can pin that to the start menu which shows up where all these apps are over here.


snipping tool

How to take a screenshot of computer steps are easy just press the snipping tool and then click on the mode option. There are a few different modes that the snipping tool has. You could do a full-screen capture that simply takes a screenshot of the entire desktop. There’s also a windows snip but rectangular snip you will use most.

Select a window you want to take a screenshot of the browser or you can take a screenshot of the whole desktop there’s also a rectangular snip and free form snip. With a rectangular snipping, you could simply highlight an area of the page. You can take a screenshot and in the other mode the free form you can try your best to select an area where you want to take a screenshot.

Then you could go to file save as and different file types. You have the option of doing a PNG, JPEG, HTML, and GIF file.
You could save it as and also email it to someone to make a copy here and save it again as well. There is an option using it you can make a mustache and color it as well. What you can also do with this tool if you take a screenshot of text and you want to highlight it. You could do all that go ahead and erase. Snipping tool is a pretty useful tool. If you want to take a screenshot now that we’ve looked at the snipping tool.


  • Keyboard (How to Take Screenshot of Computer)

Next, I want to tell you how to take a screenshot by using your keyboard? So I have a few different keyboards because the sort of keyboard you have affects how you type. Your screen will be printed in a slightly different manner. In the first talk about the dell keyboard, there is simply a section that says print screen. And so what you need to press the function key at the same time. So you will simply press function and print screen at the same time and then there the screenshot was saved.

Some keyboards have the option on, the button that says prt scn that’ the abbreviation for print screen. Printing the screen out that’s where that comes from because you want to print a copy of this all you do is simply press. The print screen button and then that also takes a screenshot.

And then if you also have a Lenovo laptop and there’s a key here that says prt sc and that also allows you to print the screen. Now a few of the fancy things that you could do so print screen simply takes a screen capture of the entire screen.

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