I am going to tell you an important method how to transfer WhatsApp messages old to new mobile. So if you have a new mobile device and you have a lot of chats and everything on your old phone. What you need to do first is install WhatsApp on your new device and when you do that, first things go to the settings of your old phone and then go to the chat where you will find the option chat backup.

First Step How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages Old to New Mobile

First, click the backup to google drive and do the settings if you never did. As a result, you can set it to daily and create an account there. And then press the button backup so that all data will be updated and ready to be transferred easily. It will take a little time and when it’s complete then you can transfer. You can even transfer data to a new phone without a sim and for OTP, you will have to use another sim.

Second Step How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages Old to New Mobile

Secondly, when you finish installing WhatsApp on your new mobile press agree to continue and select your county code. Now you enter any active mobile number so that you can get otp number. And then you receive it and enter the otp number in your new phone. After entering your opt in your old WhatsApp will be logged out. Press continue to your new mobile and restore and access everything by pressing the restore button. It will take a little time to complete the process. When the process is complete enter your name and your display image will automatically be taken. And then you will see all WhatsApp data is visible on your new mobile.

So here let me explain again, it’s registered on this new device so the WhatsApp that you restore. Let me wrap up what has just happened. We were using WhatsApp on the old device and we went to chat and we backed it up. And once we had the chat backup ready, what we wanted to do is have all of the data that we had from an old phone to a new device. So in the new device we installed WhatsApp and then gave us an option of restoring the backup.

So I hope that this is now pretty much clear and we are now having WhatsApp on a new phone with all the backup and everything so it’s almost over. And it is helpful because you know many people kind of are not aware of how to take backup and how to practically do it. Now go ahead and do this in case you need any assistance please do not hesitate to leave a message or you can email me mentioned in the contact option.


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