I’ll go over a list of indeed work from home, remote, and internet jobs that you can start doing right now and start earning money. I talk about work from wherever you are. These are positions that require no prior experience. So, regardless of whether you’re still in college or a housewife, you can do this. However, you must put in the effort, and take the time to determine which option is best for you. It might not be the first, it might be the middle, or it might be the final.

You may do well and earn some nice extra money or even a full-time income with any of these careers if you put in the time and effort. That I’m going to tell you about, so stay with me until the very end. I’m going to tell you how to make six figures from home while working entirely remotely from anywhere on the planet. You can generate money on the beach, on a hilltop, or even in the middle of the ocean, and I’m going to show you how.


  • Transcription (Indeed Work From Home)

I’ve simply written you to transcription websites like Gotranscript in the past. I’d like to expand on how to do this as a freelancer. You can indeed work from home on sites like Upwork,, and even Fiverr, and there’s a lot of free and low-cost training available on sites like Udemy. A fresh transcriptionist can expect to earn roughly $36K per year on average. Now, if you specialize and focus on specific expertise, such as medical transcription, you may begin to charge more money. You can even charge $60,000.

So, right there, you could double your earnings. So practice transcription and take some gigs; you may not make a lot of money at first. However, start honing your talents, specialize in one field, and then raise your price.

  • Data Entry

It is the most popular and straightforward remote indeed work from home opportunity, and you can do it from anywhere. But, if you’ve been pounding your head against the wall trying to get a job and haven’t been successful, but you’re strong at typing and have excellent organizational abilities, you could work in data entry, right? It’s very simple; you can get hired almost everywhere, including freelancing and employment sites. Few data entry platforms are now paying by the word. Other occupations will pay by the hour. Now for the truth. You won’t get rich doing this, but you can start earning around $10 an hour and work your way up. This is an excellent opportunity for my global audience to begin earning money from virtually anywhere.

  • Blogging

Blogging is an easy way to earn money from home. Now, blogging isn’t as difficult as it appears. You can generate blogs for your websites using a variety of free AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions. Google provides a free platform called where you can start blogging without spending any money. However, if you want to start blogging with WordPress, you’ll need to get a domain and hosting. There are various hosting providers, but Namecheap is the finest because it is situated in the United States and performs effectively while remaining affordable.

  • Online Tutoring (Indeed Work From Home)

The average annual salary for an online tutor is $46K. This requires no prior experience. What are your areas of expertise? What do you excel at? Do you prefer to work with children or adults when it comes to math, English, or geography? Preply is one of several online tutoring programs available? You may also search for online tutor jobs on Google, and the best part is that you can work for multiple companies at once. Indeed, working from home allows you to join three or four different websites, and tutoring jobs will soon follow.

  • Translation

To begin with, the average translator earns $50K a year, which is incredible. Companies are always looking for translators these days when it comes to translation. It may be in Spanish, Thai, French, or Hindi, but they’re hiring, especially in the United States. They’re not searching for workers, but rather freelance translators who can work with video, audio, or text. It’s a high-demand job that requires no special education or expertise. All you need is the ability to communicate in another language. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can make a lot of money as a freelance translator.

  • Editing and proofreading

With no experience, you can earn around $52K in a year or more. Do you have editing skills? Are you aware of how to proofread? Are you someone who enjoys reading? Do you notice the typo or grammatical error right away when you read something? If this shows you then editing and proofreading are given options to correct them. There is no designation required for this position.

  • Social Media Manager

The demand for social media managers is rapidly increasing, and guess what? Nothing unusual is required. This does not necessitate a college diploma. Do you have any social media experience? Are you someone who is an Instagram influencer and does very well there? You understand how to grow a channel, or perhaps Facebook is your thing. You have a lot of potentials.

  • Virtual Assistant (Indeed Work From Home)

Now, it claims that the average annual pay is roughly $65K, which I completely believe. In reality, I know a lot of virtual assistants who earn significantly more. It all boils down to how you place yourself. You must be able to get out there and take some gigs, perhaps a few less at first to build up your portfolio and background. Anyway, you can specialize in this particular niche and start making money.

  • Website Tester

This is beyond absurd; testing websites indeed work from home and you may earn over $55K in a year. What is the meaning of real test websites, you might be thinking? New businesses and startups are constantly launching new websites, or they may have an established website. But they’re may be releasing a new product or a new tab on their website. They need people like you and me to go through and test these many websites as though we were real users. After that, you report back correctly if there is no issue if there is a bug, or something like that. So they need real-world testing before going live with the website, and this is where you may help.

  • Marketing Manager

You don’t have to go out because you can indeed work from home as a manager of marketing and can earn well over $65K per year. What is a marketing manager, exactly? It’s very simple, you just have to guide others over the phone and by using digital platforms. Now, this is for someone with some expertise in this field, but no specific education is required. Perhaps you have a website already. You understand digital marketing if you’re conducting affiliate marketing, selling things, or working in e-commerce or drop shipping. I am sure you know landing pages, and email automation-type websites. New business owners, new digital entrepreneurs, to be precise. They need help and they need help from you.

  • Travel Agents

This platform does certainly allow you indeed work from home, and numerous websites hire virtual travel agents. Now a day’s people are arranging their vacations online you could ask. Many people still prefer to work with someone in person rather than over email, chat, phone, or Zoom. To guide them to their tour plans, including flights schedule, hotel reservations, meals, and even adorable places to visit. They, especially the senior age, require assistance. That human touch is still important to them.

  • Graphic Designer (Indeed Work From Home)

Graphic designers might earn up to $80K per year right now. You don’t require a degree, but you should have some experience in graphic design. So, if you already have some graphic design experience and want to construct your websites, sketch, or have some artistic and creative aptitude, this course is for you. This is an excellent option for you to earn money while working from home.

  • Consulting

Consultants, coaches, and other such services are in high demand. You are not bound to meet anyone physically. You do not need to visit a gym. People are now using Zoom for conference calls and even personal instruction. So, you must be an expert in your area of expertise. Where could you be able to assist? Maybe you’re good with spreadsheets and might offer financial advice to others. Perhaps you have a passion for fitness, particularly a specific type of fitness, and you can advise others, serve as a personal trainer, or assist with nutrition. Perhaps you have counseling and marriage experience.

  • Copywriting

This is also indeed work from home opportunity, with copywriters earning an average of $80K a year and no special training required. In reality, I’m not aware of any schools where you can learn this. It’s something you either naturally have or learn over time. Perhaps you come from a creative background. You enjoy writing. So, start researching copywriting. Simply search for copywriting courses and training, get a book on Amazon, and begin marketing yourself as a copywriter. Believe it or not, a lot of individuals require assistance with fundamental tasks such as dealing with computer viruses or, logging in to certain things, organizing their Gmail, and all kinds of stuff.

Perhaps their computer has broken down and they require assistance but do not wish to spend top bucks. You can outsource yourself as a freelance computer technician, where you can get on Zoom calls with them and share their screen. They’re not going to return their computer or go get a new computer because most people treat computers like cars. People can now sign into tools that allow you to see their screen from wherever you are and lead them through the process and assist them.


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