If you own an organization, you know the significance of attracting visitors. Organic SEO to help you discover your product or service, and your brand. How can I improve my online presence and make my business successful? The SEO strategy can help your site get higher rankings on search engines such as Google and other search engines. This can lead to more site traffic as well as generating revenue for your business.


In this article you will learn the complete guide line what is organic SEO and search engine. Organic SEO also known as white hat SEO. SEO is a short word of “Search Engine Optimization”. It helps people’s websites to rank higher on Google search but it takes time and a lot of effort to come to the first page & get organic website visitors. I will give a simple example through this image;



This iceberg is 30% upper in the water but it has 70% strong grip under sea water. Same like this, a website that is on the top of Google ranks has many organic search engine optimization activities and techniques.

Now I will teach you the right roadmap organic SEO strategies through that how you can get lots of traffic, increase google ranking and authority of a website.   

What are the 3 types of SEO? – Organic SEO

As described early, it is organic search engine optimization that can rank your website in any search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Let’s start to learn three types of organic SEO.

1.  On Page SEO

2.  Technical SEO

3.  Off Page SEO


  1. On Page SEO


on page seo

Basic SEO can help you to improve search rankings and get more website visitors. On-page-SEO is a work that you start with an article, blog or with short content. There are many activities that are covered in On-Page SEO like refresh your content, keyword research, external links, internal links, title tag, meta description tag, user friendly content, URL structure, key phrase, text length, page titles, readability, alt tag and image optimization. WordPress plugin name “Yoast SEO” helps to optimize your content. You may install this plugin easily in WordPress.


  1. Technical SEO


technical seo

Technical SEO is as important as other factors to optimize your site in google organic search engine optimization. It helps you to find any error that stops your website’s ranking. The important factors of Technical SEO are crawling, indexing, and website architecture. Technical aspects also covered in mobile friendless, rich snippets, website speed, search console, google analytics, xml sitemap, 404 error, canonical URLs, robot.txt, and SSL.     


  1. Organic Search Engine Optimization Activities


organic search engine optimization activities

Off Page SEO means activity that you do outside of your website and it plays a key role of a website in Google’s search results. It would be not wrong if we say it is the backbone of a web pages. And if you want to come in Google search and on top, you have to put 70% of your effort and activity in off page SEO to get organic website traffic. This activity is known as backlinks. There are two types of backlinks.


1.  Do Follow Backlink

2.  No Follow Backlink


Do Follow Backlinks

This is a technical point but It is very simple to understand the difference between do follow and no follow backlinks. When you create a backlink in a high domain authority website like “Tumblr” then the Google bots read, crawl and give value to your website. In this way your domain authority and search engine rankings increases. I will give you an example to understand easily.


If a famous person sends you to anyone. You will get importance and a third person will definitely consider you valuable. But if a referring person is an ordinary one then you will be treated in a normal way. So always prefer to create quality backlinks not quantity.


No Follow Backlinks

In this case you get traffic but your website’s authority will not increase organic search rankings.


How to Check Nofollow Dofollow

Open the website you want to check then press CTRL+U then website’s coding will appear. After that press CTRL+F and write in search option “nofollow” without space. Now if you find nofollow in coding source then this a nofollow website and if you don’t find nofollow word then it is dofollow.


Now let’s start to know organic SEO strategy where we can get genuine website visitors in search results. Our first priority is to get organic traffic through Google search engine by using other platforms.  


Here is the list where you can create backlinks (It means where you left your website’s URL) to get website visitors. The creation of backlinks is also called link building.

1.  Guest Posting

2.  Image Submission

3.  RSS Feeds Forum

4.  Search Engine Submission

5.  Social Bookmarking

6.  Article Submission

7.  Infographic Submission

8.  Press Release

9.  Web 2.0

10. Broken Link Building

11. Influencer Marketing

12. Social Media Marketing

13. Video Submission

14. Local SEO / Google My Business

15. Google Advertising


1.  Gusting Posting – Organic SEO


guest posting

This is a great source of getting organic search visitors on your website. You just have to post a perfect SEO optimized content to other websites related to similar topics. In this way you get a dofollow backlink. There are many websites that offer people to write for them. Some charge a small amount and few publish your article free of cost on their websites provided that it should be valuable for readers.

Guest posting also known in many names like guest blogging, writing for us, contributors, guest article, submit blog, contribute, editorial guide etc.

You can find guest posting platforms by searching on Google just typing in a search engine like this “write for us” + topic.


2. Image Submission Organic SEO


image submission

The heading is speaking itself that you have to submit an image on any website related to your topic. This is an easy way to display your image and visitors attract towards your content. Image submission is an organic search engine optimization that increases organic search. Remember, posting your image on low ranking websites will not optimize your site. So always chose high domain authority websites. I am giving the list below of top image submission platforms that will help you to create your links.


Serial Number Websites


3. RSS Feed

rss feed


RSS stand for “Real Simple Syndication” it enables millions of internet users to track of different websites in real time. Basically it works like when you like to read any content in RRS forum you subscribed so that you will be notified when new information comes. This is little outdated way but still people go such forums. But in organic SEO prospect an RSS feed has no impact on your site’s SERP ranking.


 4. Social Bookmarking

social bookmarking


You can understand easily it as its name social (means many people there) bookmarking means you publish your post there. Link in social bookmarking platforms are the beginning to start discussion with knowledge sharing. Social bookmarking also helps to gain organic search results.

Famous 10 popular social networking platforms:


Serial Number Websites
1 1


5. Article Submission


Article submission allows you to submit your high quality content to others website It is the fastest way to get dofollow backlink and for organic rankings. In this way your domain authority and page search engine rankings will also increase. This is also a simple way to create backlinks by posting your article in different sites with your web link. But remember topic should be relevant to your site.

Here are 10 high quality article submission sites:


Serial Number Websites


6. Web 2.0 – Organic SEO

web 2.0


Web 2.0 is a term used to submit article any other platform same like article submission. Simply go to Google search bar and write Web 2.0 sites. You will then find many sites. You can publish your content with your link and get dofollow backlink. Your website or business should be relevant to the platform where you are going to submit article and avoid keyword stuffing and spamming.


7. Infographic Submission



Infographic means such graphic / image that has little information in it. In organic SEO,  infographic getting more and more popular. This is much better than image submission because it attract people more than simple image.  It is a user friendly way to give message to people and after viewing they visit your website. You may use same platforms for submission as people use for image submission sites.   


8. Google AdWords

google adwords


Google paid ads provide you an opportunity to come in top of Google search by setting your relevant tags & get organic search. Weather your website is new or old you can grow your business by using Google AdWords. You just have to use paid advertising. Create your account, set your budget (pay per click ads), and write short description and where it should be shown. In this real method people get organic traffic.

Website’s ads will not run until they meet the Google ads quality score.


9. Social Media

social media


Social media is use to stay in touch with friends, family and communities. This is great way in modern age to boost your business quickly through digital marketing.  There are more than 300 million active user of social media in October, 2022 and this figure is increasing day by day. Here are few famous social platforms that can be used to convert traffic to your websites.


  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • WeChat
  • Tiktok
  • Telegram


10. Influencer Organic SEO


In organic SEO activities, we find Influencer marketing strategies as well to get traffic on websites. Influencer strategy is the best way to use for any business marketing. People use celebrities those who have followers in millions. This is the beauty of such marketing is that audience is ready to view and buy anything.

They advertise and promote their brand awareness and increase new leads. It is said that influencer marketing is more effect than digital marketing. You can hire influencers individually or you can take services from any company.

Here are few benefits of influencer marketing:


  • Brand Awareness
  • Build Trust
  • Content Strategy
  • Targeted Audience
  • Winning Partnership
  • Save Time
  • Increase Sales


11. Video Submission – Organic SEO

video submission
video submission


Now a day’s video submission is the most popular and important way in organic SEO activities. You can spread your brand message easily and it leaves a good impact on people’s mind. Video submission is better than image and content. Mostly businessmen prefer to promote their brand through videos to increase their ranking in Google organic search.

Some well-known video submission platforms:


  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Flicker
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Netflix
  • Pearl trees
  • Plurk
  • Dailymotion


12. Press Release

press release

Although this is the modern and digital era but still lots of people in the world read news on papers. That is why still entrepreneurs use this strategy in organic SEO as it helps to familiarize your services or products. There are many ways in press release to advertise your website and business.

Promotion can be through newspaper, brochures, newsletters and magazine, and events etc. Always try to release SEO optimize writing high quality content that can help people to find you in Google search result easily. It means keyword research is important and use relevant keywords pertaining to your product/business. Targeted keywords will help in organic search engine optimization.


13. Broken Links Search Engine Results Page

broken links search engine results page


A broken link is a web-page that can’t be found or accessed by a user, for various reasons. The first reason of broken link is when you change any URL then the old URL shows unavailable.  Second reason could be when you delete any page of your website.

Third, It also can be the reason if the external link removed by the owner. In short whenever you or owner of a external link changes in their site’s URLs or remove, the report would show you broken link. Broken link checker gives you detail of your broken links.


14. GMB Organic SEO / Local Business


GMB is short word of “Google My Business”. This is the essential strategy in off-page organic SEO for all businesses. Because it give access to users on organic search to find your location and contact number easily.  

You can list your business with your website link internationally but this way specially use for local level.  For example if you want to show your shop in New York only, or any selected area you can fix it accordingly. You can create your profile easily through Google.


15. Search Engines Submission

search engines submission


In organic search strategies, as we submit our site in Google search console to list our identity.  Same like Google there are many search engines where you can put your URL to get traffic.

You may submit your site on other search engines one by one or in all at once. But before submitting you have to check DA of engine which should be above 60% and spam score less than 10%.  This site will give access to see all search engines


Conclusion & Important organic SEO Tips


It is not necessary to apply all strategies that I have mentioned above. You can make organic SEO strategy according to your own business requirement.

Always read the guide line where you create links & check DA PA and spam score of that platform. Near 40 DA, PA is good and the spam score should be less than 10%.  

Your article must be original, do not spin any content, and do not post plagiarized material because this will not help in organic SEO work. Use the tags where you get option. Write title and description SEO friendly. Give value to audience so that they visit your site again and again.

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