Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website. So white hat link building can rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo higher than your competitors’ websites. Get your business’s website or blog to appear at the top of organic search results.

You must go beyond simply creating valuable content and keyword research you need to engage in link-building techniques and other forms of quality content marketing as well.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to more than 45 effective white hat link-building platforms that you can use to help your website’s search engine rankings over time.

What is White Hat SEO Link Building?

What is White Hat SEO Link Building

When you read SEO basics, you will notice 3 techniques you could use. The technique of White Hat Link building. Black hat link building and grey hat techniques. What does white-hat link-building mean?

This method is NOT penalized on the Google webmaster page. This method is considered a “legal” and white hat method that does not affect the algorithm for determining the search engines.

This is important because many website owners use these link-building techniques worldwide.

What is black hat link building?

What is black hat link building

Black hat link building uses illegal tactics to create links to a website. It’s important to note that black hat link building is not recommended, as it goes against Google’s guidelines for search engine optimization and can get your site blocked or penalized.

These black hat link-building tactics can include buying links, link farming, and article spinning, all of which are considered unethical and have serious long-term consequences.

As opposed to black hat techniques, white hat SEO emphasizes content creation and external promotion with ethical tactics & link schemes that obey search engine guidelines.

If you’re looking for quality white-hat link building for your website, it’s best to stick with white-hat methods such as link outreach.

Gray Hat vs Black Hat Link Building vs White Hat Link

Gray Hat vs. Black Hat Link Building vs. White Hat Link

Link building is a different method of link building. White Hat – White Hat strategy involves complying as closely as possible with Google guidelines, but grey strategies do not follow as rigorously.

This method is specifically against Google’s rules. It is possible to use private blogs, link farms or automatic creation of comments.

Some strategies had gotten quite effective and could still work for a short period. Then Google and its competitors will become less efficient in identifying them.

For long-term planning, your company should avoid this strategy completely.

What is white-label link building?

What is white label link building

White-label link building is a great way to increase your website’s visibility and organic traffic. This form of link-building involves outsourcing link-building services and reselling them to clients under your brand; this allows link-building agencies or freelancers to offer scalable services without compromising quality.

It also eliminates the need for individual link-building experts to manage multiple link-building campaigns, so it can help save on overhead costs. With white-label link building, agencies and freelancers have a wide range of link-building services at their disposal from link detox and broken link building to content escalation and link prospecting, all of which are packaged up in an attractive package for your clients.

White-label link building also provides you with all the necessary reporting features to keep your clients informed about the progress of their campaigns.

Long and detailed content

If you are aiming at being more visible on Google, you should stop distributing branded and generic articles. Have you ever wondered what white hat link-building, SEO techniques, and authority blogs have in common?

They all depend on high-quality content to be successful. But how do you get there? In reality, crafting detailed and engaging content that outlines a topic can be challenging.

Fortunately, by researching your topic carefully, breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand chunks, and providing accurate information backed up by reliable sources – you will be able to create in-depth content with lasting impact.

Content Contributions – White Hat Link Building

Content Contributions

Content contributions, also called guest posts or blogging, are excellent techniques for white-hat linking (particularly when linking to SaaS sites). Our results indicate that broken link building is much more efficient in increasing your Google rankings. You contact a website that has blogs or pitches a subject to write.

In case of acceptance, a post will appear online in a search engine and help drive traffic and brand awareness. In the case of guest posts on guest posts or articles submitted through the uSERP 2020 state of linking survey, you will earn great backlinks from the website in the body.

The skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique

Skyscrapers are as white-hat link-building as you can get. Check the first page of Google if your search engine rankings are already high on Google. Afterwards, we see what these two things are similar to. The final piece is similar to what we discovered but much more.

Make something even better by making your content longer than your competitors. Give the latest knowledge and explain it by using bullet points & make much valuable.

Reach out to the right people

After then, contact the owners of the websites already ranked in SERP. Tell them you have better content, which can be more valuable for the user than the old link; that’s why accept my link.

Necessary link-building tools

Necessary link building tools

Many tools are available to build links. It’s possible to build a link using just a couple of tools. The most common links building tool is Ahrefs, SEMrush, and LinkDoctor said. 

This is the most comprehensive toolbox in search engine optimization. Ahrefs has tools to track backlink profiles and organic traffic to competitor websites. Alternatively, you can build broken links using Ahrefs Site Explorer tools. Find broken links or other links by simply using this multi-purpose tool.

High-Volume Cold Outreach

High-Volume Cold Outreach

Outreach link building is alive and well, but the response is difficult now. Links are competitive. Every one of us wants better rankings and backlink profiles. And to have good-quality backlinks, you have to send tons of emails.

Link building is usually a numbers game. Some websites will not accept email, so sending volumes is important for them to be effective. What is the number? Can you tell me? 220. We’ll get it. The response rate will increase by using an effective outreach approach that delivers amazing content on a targeted site.

Commenting on Authority Blogs

Commenting on authority blog posts is one of the most effective white hat link-building and SEO techniques. It allows you to increase your visibility and generate organic and targeted leads.

As these blog posts rank high in search engine results, your blog links on them can benefit your website’s traffic significantly. To ensure that this technique pays off, though, be sure to go out and post useful comments that contribute to blog post discussions rather than adding spammy ones, as they are mostly ignored.

Plus, blog commenting helps build relationships with other influencers inside your niche, allowing you to establish trust among the digital community.

How do you get white hat backlinks?

How do you get white hat backlinks

  • Pinterest White Hat Link Building


Link building with Pinterest can greatly increase website visibility and drive traffic to your site. If done correctly using white hat link-building strategies, link-building with Pinterest can yield excellent results.

Pinterest is a platform that allows users to post ‘pins’ on their profile which link back to their website or product pages. You can drive link juice and organic traffic back to your site through link building with Pinterest, which will help boost your rankings in Google’s SERPs. Furthermore, link building can also increase brand awareness of your business or product, which is invaluable in today’s digital age.

Thus, link-building with Pinterest is an incredibly powerful way to increase the visibility and success of your business or product online quickly.

  • Flickr


Backlinks have become a crucial practice in white hat link building, and the photo-sharing platform Flickr can be a valuable asset as part of a white hat link-building strategy.

Optimizing images for your website with relevant keywords, taking advantage of link annotation opportunities, or finding link exchanges on groups related to your industry can increase your website’s traffic from this popular platform.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about shady link-building tactics – only white-hat link-building opportunities are open to you when using Flickr properly.

  • Tumblr


Tumblr is great for white hat link-building! It’s a reliable platform that stands out from the crowd regarding white hat strategies. Not only does it offer white hat SEO tactics, but you can also control your content and improve your domain authority over time.

It’s like building real estate; when you build links on Tumblr, they last. This makes Tumblr an effective white-hat platform that offers great long-term potential for improving link profiles. It’s worth it if you’re looking for a white hat link-building method.

  • LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an incredible white hat link-building platform, enabling businesses and professionals to build powerful white hat strategies to pursue quality SEO tactics. With LinkedIn, you can leverage the large user base of professionals looking to connect, grow their network and establish meaningful business relationships. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers many white hat solutions to deliver authority and attract more visitors to your website.

The social platform even allows for targeted audience segmentation which helps drive better results for link-building campaigns. LinkedIn can be a great asset for white hat link-building initiatives if used correctly.

  • Medium


If you’re looking for white hat link-building options, then Medium.com is a great platform to consider. It’s an incredibly popular website that can help you build your brand and give your industry thought leadership some much-needed exposure.

Plus, because it’s such a highly authoritative website, any links you build from there are sure to offer excellent SEO benefits.

And suppose you pay attention to the specific writing topics and quality of content on the site that resonates with their audience. In that case, it can be an invaluable addition to your overall digital marketing strategy.

  • Photo Bucket

Photo Bucket

If you’re looking for an efficient white hat link-building platform, look no further than Photo Bucket! This comprehensive platform allows for a streamlined approach to connecting your website with high-authority websites.

With simple inputs and straightforward results, simply select the keywords that are essential for your business and let Photo Bucket do the hard work of finding related websites and establishing backlinks.

These links will appear naturally across other relevant websites leading to increased traffic and better online exposure. So don’t wait any longer get your white hat link-building campaign up and running with Photo Bucket today.

  • Post Image


Postimage.org is a white hat link-building site that can help you reach new heights regarding your SEO techniques. This user-friendly interface allows you to create HTML codes linking directly to other pages of your choice, so you can share content more effectively and collaborate with your team remotely.

For those who run their websites, Postimage.org also provides the ability to make changes quickly whenever necessary; for example, if you need to remove an image or alter the URL.

It’s a great resource for anyone looking for white hat link-building assistance.

  • Facebook Link Building


If you’re looking to place your website higher in search engine rankings, white hat link-building tactics through a Facebook link-building site may help you get there.

This site is designed to provide your business with relevant links so that search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can be applied quickly and effectively.

With quality tools at your disposal, this resource allows you to build top-notch white hat backlinks that will help increase visibility and propel your site up the search engine results pages like never before.

  • My Space White Hat Link Building


Myspace is the perfect white hat link-building site if you want to improve your SEO techniques. They have a wide array of authority blogs, giving you access to expert posts.

Not only will this help increase your search engine rankings, but it will also give your readers more trust in the content being created for them.

In short, utilizing Myspace for white hat link building is an effective way to build your website’s reputation and reach more people.


Luckily for us, several link-building platforms are available that specialize in helping people build links from high-quality websites. The list below contains the top-rated link-building platforms where you can start working on creating white hat links and taking advantage of modern SEO techniques. Take a look now and see what these services have to offer.


Serial Number Websites
1 https://www.scoop.it/
2 https://slashdot.org/
3 https://mix.com/
4 https://www.reddit.com/
5 https://www.pearltrees.com/
6 www.diigo.com/
7 www.bibsonomy.org/
8 http://ttlink.com/
9 www.folkd.com/
10 www.jodohkita.info/
11 http://aixindashi.org/
12 https://list.ly/
13 http://www.bizsugar.com/
14 http://lymelightwebs.net/
15 http://london8.net/
16 http://ihaan.org/
17 http://gen-eff.net/
18 http://coolpot.com/
19 http://techspy.com/
20 https://www.fark.com/
21 http://kultamuseo.net/
22 http://onpageseopro.com/
23 http://dupioneer.com/
24 http://www.bookmarkingcentral.com/
25 http://todays1051.net/
26 http://eugendorf.net/
27 https://www.freewebsubmission.com/
28 http://www.exactseek.com/
29 https://www.storeboard.com/
30 http://www2.myhq.com/
31 http://www.whitelinks.com/
32 https://www.yemle.co/
33 ttp://bookmarkingbase.com/
34 http://www.mettablog.com/
35 http://dictaf.net/
36 http://jofrati.net/
37 http://www.addthismark.com/
38 http://www.greateststory.info/
39 http://www.video-bookmark.com/



Though it may seem like black hat link-building tactics are the easy way to go, they will only hurt your website’s ranking in the long run. White hat link building takes more time and effort, but it is ultimately the right way to go if you want to increase your website’s ranking in Google searches. High-quality content, guest posting on relevant blogs, white hat backlinks, and inbound links are all great ways to build links correctly.

Link building is essential for good SEO, but it’s also important to remember that it’s a process that never stops. It would be best if you always looked for new opportunities to create high-quality backlinks from relevant, authoritative sources. Keep up the good work; your site will reap the benefits of increased traffic and better search engine rankings. Thanks for reading.


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