Who Is A Platonic Soulmate

Imagine having someone in your life with whom you can be yourself. This person who loves you unconditionally is your platonic soulmate. In a platonic relationship, there is only pure love and no romance. Your platonic soulmate feels your pulse and reads your inner feelings. In our ever-changing world, where relationships end in a blink of an eye, a platonic soulmate is one of the few people who are by your side through thick and thin.

Your soulmate may be your friend, colleague, or some distant relative. They can be of the same gender as you or of the opposite gender. How you know them does not matter because you feel a strong sense of familiarity and affinity for each other. To better understand this special person, let’s look at the meaning of a spiritual soulmate and signs that you have found one.


Do Platonic Soulmates Exist For Real?

Finding a soul connection is rare but not unreal. A platonic soulmate understands you without having to say anything. They are your kindred spirit right from the moment you first meet them. In fact, in your first meeting, you feel as if you have known them from before. You hit it off instantly but without any romantic or sexual feelings. Their presence makes you feel comfortable and peaceful.

Key Differences Between Platonic And Romantic Soulmates

Platonic soulmates share no sexual chemistry

Platonic soulmates are often mistaken for romantic soulmates because of their deep connection. These two are similar but still quite different relationships.

1. No sexual chemistry

Platonic soulmates share high compatibility and get on like a house on fire. However, there is no sexual chemistry between them as in romantic soulmates. They may look like a beautiful couple, but you see no flirty gestures in romantic soulmates.

2. Absence of physical contact

Romantic soulmates are often found making frequent physical contact with each other, which is missing in platonic soulmates. A platonic couple may often exchange high fives and fist bumps but seldom hug or touch each other romantically.


3. No need for reaffirmation

In a romantic relationship, it is essential to express your love and admiration for your significant other by telling them how much they mean to you. Platonic soulmates need no such reaffirmations. No love gestures or sweet words are required to maintain the invisible and strong rapport.

4. Fights rarely hamper the relationship

When platonic soulmates fight, it may last long, but eventually, they miss each other and find a way back. Fights between romantic soulmates resolve when one partner gives in to the wishes of the other. They are accommodative and adjust to keep their attachment.


5. Distance makes no difference

Platonic soulmates can go months and years without talking to one another. But when they meet, it feels like they are simply catching up from where they left off. Romantic soulmates may find distance unbearable. They feel the need to be in constant contact with each other.

6. Freedom to be your authentic self

With your spiritual soulmate, you can be your foul-mouthed, authentic self because they won’t judge you. They know who you indeed are and accept you for your flaws. Exposing your weaknesses with a romantic soulmate can be demanding as you want them to think good of you.

7. No scope for jealousy

A platonic soulmate is not possessive. You can continue with your friendship as you want, and they will not feel jealous. Romantic soulmates may get possessive and may not appreciate you getting too friendly with the opposite sex.

8. Unconditional love

Platonic soulmates share a firm bond that cannot be broken by distance, insecurity, or jealousy. It remains unshakeable as it survives on unconditional love, passion, and devotion. Romantic soulmates, however, need to put in the effort to maintain a happy and long-lasting bond.

What Are The Signs Of A Platonic Soulmate?

What Are The Signs Of A Platonic Soulmate

Finding a spiritual soulmate is not easy. But if you feel empathy with a person and want to know if they are your soulmate, look out for the following signs.

1. They build an instant connection with you

From the first meeting itself, you will feel a strong sense of familiarity and connection with this person, and they will feel the same for you. You got along effortlessly and conversed as if you knew each other from before.

2. They are your source of happiness

You may be having a bad day, but the moment you see this person, you feel light and calm. You feel as if their presence can absorb the negativity in your life.

Spending time with your platonic soulmate is fun

3. They trigger endless conversations

With your spiritual soulmate, you do not have to think hard about what to speak. Conversations flow seamlessly and endlessly. You look forward to talking to them because you have so much to share.

4. They are comfortable with silence

As much as you enjoy chatting with them, you are comfortable in silence, too. You do not feel compelled to keep talking to avoid awkwardness. On rare occasions when you run out of topics, the silence does not feel weird.

5. They read your mind

When stuck in a boring conversation with someone, look at your kindred soul, and they come to your rescue. You do not need words to convey your feelings to them. They know how you feel, and they will be there for you.

6. They guess your reactions

There is an object before you; before you can comment on it, your soulmate chips in with his kindred mind and says exactly what you are about to say. They know you so well that they know exactly how you may react to something and what you may say.

7. They stand by you

Your soulmate will be there for you even when the whole world stands against you. Your platonic soulmate may or may not be understanding about the situation but will have your back. They trust you and will not fail you.

8. They bring out the best in you

You know that ever since this kindred being entered your life, your life has changed for good. Observe how their presence makes you more confident. You have changed as a person and for the better.

9. They ensure infinite fun

You may meet them every day, but when your eyes first meet, it brings a smile to your face. Laugh hard in this person’s company, and they also laugh with you. You get their humor, and you cannot help but burst into rollicking laughter at their lame one-liners.

10. They will get your code words

You and your soulmate communicate through codes and break into boisterous laughter at the mere mention of it. Tons of words crack you and your soulmate up because only you get the joke behind it.

11. They have similar interests

Your platonic soulmate will understand your interests

Nobody understands your fixation with anime figurines except your soulmate because they, too, have a collection of anime figures. You adore them because your interests are in harmony. You can happily spend hours discussing your favorite topics.

12. They keep no secret from you

Your platonic soulmate and you have the deepest conversation, touching on the most embarrassing topics without any awkwardness. They cannot keep a secret from you for long, no matter how touchy the subject. So you, too, find it easy to open your heart to them.

13. They share a strong bond with your family

You spend so much time together that your family feels like your own family. The strong ties of kinship help them to get along with their parents and siblings so well that your family is more on their side than yours. You feel like a part of each other’s family.

14. They are available for you

You may be tired and want to hit the pillow right away. But an SOS from your soulmate and you fly out to see them. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. Your platonic soulmate is your priority. They are also simply a phone call away for you.

15. They exhibit unmatchable loyalty

You may have had a bitter fight with your soulmate, but one word against you, and they do not hesitate to cross swords with the back-biter. Your soulmate will not speak against you because they are loyal to you.

16. They are authentic

Fear of judgment may make you project yourself differently in front of others. But with your soulmate, there is no need for pretense. You are unabashedly, unapologetically, and authentically you. And your soulmate loves you for it. You do not fake because they can read you like a book.

17. They are your support system

Your family or friends may not believe in you or your dreams, but your soulmate will support you and motivate you to put in the work. However, they will also not refrain from giving you a reality check when your plans are impractical and reckless.

18. They make you complete

Commitments in life may widen the distance between you and your soulmate, and deep down, you may yearn for their presence. You may speak to them regularly, but their physical presence makes a world of difference, and you feel as if something is missing
in your life without them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is platonic intimacy?

Platonic intimacy is the profound mental connection between two people without any sexual or romantic feelings.

2. Can I be platonically in love with someone?

Yes. Affection for someone with whom you share an undeniable and deep connection is natural and common. It remains platonic as long as it does not get sexual or romantic.

3. Do platonic soulmates marry?

No. Platonic means the absence of sexual or romantic feelings. If two soulmates get married, they are romantic soulmates and not platonic soulmates.

4. Is it cheating if you have a platonic relationship?

No. You can be in love with a person, marry them, start a family, and still have a separate platonic soulmate. Your bond with your spiritual soulmate lasts a lifetime. However, it can be seen as emotional cheating if you get emotionally dependent on them instead of your romantic partner.

We all want a person who has our backs and does not betray us. A platonic soulmate is that rare connection. They are a part of all your crazy plans and come to your rescue when in trouble. They are that steadfast friend everyone should have in their life. However, only a few lucky people can find their spiritual soulmate. A platonic soulmate brings positivity and happiness into your life. They are like a secret spice that enhances the taste of every dish you try out. If you find such a person, remember never to let them go, as they might be the sunshine you were hoping for.

Infographics: Telltale Signs Of A Platonic Soulmate

If you have found someone special in your life who completes you but not in a romantic way, then you have probably met your platonic soulmate. Check out the infographic below and observe if this particular person also shows the same qualities. Let’s have a look at the traits exhibited by platonic soulmates.

Key Pointers

  • Platonic soulmates are connected through the mind and have no
    physical attraction to each other.
  • The connection does not break easily and lasts a lifetime.
  • They have your back and do not betray you.
  • Platonic soulmates bring out the best in you and add more beauty to your life.

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